Thursday, January 28, 2010

supplement yg sy amik masa pregnant

1. Pramilet

Pre & Postnatal Vitamin & Mineral Preparation Filmtab
To help prevent vitamin and mineral deficiency during and after pregnancy and for treatment of megaloblastic anemias.
Optimal Iron absorption with 40mg of elemental Iron in the Ferrous Fumarate formMinimum gastric side-effects250mg of Calcium & 1mg of Folic Acid16 essential vitamins and mineralsFilm-coated tablet to prevent vitamin odour and aftertaste, and for easy swallowingConvenient once-a-day dosage


2.NeuroGain PB

Scientifically Formulated For Pregnant and Breast-feeding Women

Both Ω=3, Ω=6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are essential but the body requires them in a ratio that is not normally achieved by the typical diet of today's industrialized nations. They must be consumed regularly as the body has limited storage for them.

Pregnancy - in the last three months of pregnancy, it is important that the mother-to-be has an ample supply of the omega-3 fatty acids. Around 70 percent of all the cells that made up the adult brain are formed during this period. The omega-3 DHA central to this process reaches the fetus from the mother via the placenta.

If there is insufficient DHA for the baby, fetal development may be impaired resulting in lower IQ and poor visual acuity.

What is NeuroGain® PB Vegicaps®* ?

Neurogain® PB is a natural, customized, standardized, refined purified, high quality formulation of conditionally Essential Fatty Acids for Pregnant and Breast-feeding women. Now available in vegetable capsules made in Germany, Neurogain® PB is DHA high, EPA low with AA and OA to help Pregnant and Breast-feeding women meet important pre and peri natal nutritional requirements in essential fatty acids. Neurogain® PB is scientifically formulated in line with international recommendations for essential fatty acids supplementation early in life.

Why a vegetable capsule ?

Unlike capsules from beef or pork materials, vegetable capsules (Vegicaps® Soft)* have a multicultural appeal while showing proven chemical and physical stability with low odor, taste and aftertaste.

Who needs NeuroGain® PB ?

  • Pregnant and Breast-feeding women
  • Pregnant women with a history of low birth weight babies, pre-term births
  • Frequent, multiple pregnancies
  • Pregnant women allergic to fish and eggs
  • Poor, unbalanced maternal diet

When is the best time to take NeuroGain® PB ?

At meal time for better absorption and compliance. When eating, the fats in the meal will improve the absorption of Neurogain® PB essential fatty acids like DHA in the body.

Is it safe to use NeuroGain® PB ?

Yes, NeuroGain® PB is a natural DHA supplement of EFAs. The EPA level is low in line with WHO and ISSFAL recommendations for DHA supplementation at an early stage of life. NeuroGain® PB is not a drug.

Why is NeuroGain® PB free of Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) ?

EPO, Borage oil, and possibly other substances containing GLA, should not be used during pregnancy because they may be harmful to the fetus and induce labor.

How about the cleanliness of the finished product ?

NeuroGain® PB is manufactured under the highest international standards for quality and safety for EFAs. In order to minimize the risk of contamination, NeuroGain® PB is controlled and molecularly distilled to systematically remove PCB's and DDT's. Heavy metals are removed by going through an absorption column. At the end, varied tests will check the low level of peroxidation and the removal of pollutants.

What are the best storage conditions for NeuroGain® PB ?

Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place. The vegetable capsules provide excellent protection for oxygen sensitive essential fatty acids.

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* ni je yg sy amik ms pregnant ni..susu jarang minum harap2 calcium untuk baby dh cukup..:) ntah awal2 je minum susu..pastu tak minum skrang sjk batuk2 n tak sehat start minum susu anmum...kdg2 vitamin ni pun ade termiss gak..heheh lupe :)

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